It feels good to give.

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As a nonprofit 501c(3) organization,* the Adams County Library System relys on generous donors like you to continue supporting lifelong learning, enrichment, and pleasure for everyone in the county. There are so many ways you can support the library!

Give Online

To make a simple credit card donation, please visit the link below. Any donation made by credit card is non-refundable.

Endowment Giving

What better way to honor a friend or loved one than with an enduring gift? Named Endowment Funds are:

  • A meaningful way to honor a person or organization in perpetuity
  • A gift of $1,000 or more, invested to earn interest for the library
  • Used annually to purchase the types of materials you designate
  • Available for you to add to, in any amount, at any time, to help increase our collections

We’ll acknowledge your honoree with a plaque in the Gettysburg Library. And every year, we’ll let you know which materials have added to our collection—with a bookplate denoting your honoree—thanks to your gift.

To create a Named Endowment, please contact Dawn Smith, Development Officer at 717-334-0163 or

Join Our Friends

Our Friends associations, which help to raise funds for the operation of our libraries, can always use a helping hand.

*All contributions to the Adams County Library System are tax deductible; all gifts will be acknowledged by letter. Because of the complexity of tax codes and other laws, persons considering bequests or endowments to the Library are urged to consult with their financial and legal counsels.

Memorials And Honor Books

Express Your Love with an Honor Book
Looking for a way to show special appreciation to a loved one? The ACLS accepts donations of $35 per book to expand our collection. An Honor Book donation offers a lasting tribute for friends, family, teachers, co-workers, and even those purrrfect pets in your life. The ACLS staff will take into consideration the subject and preferred genre and provide a "name plate" in each book with wording approved by the donor. We can take your Honor Book Request in person at any of our six convenient branch locations or you can make the request on line at An acknowledgment can be sent to both the donor and to the person or family being honored. It's a great way to say, "I love you" and contribute to the lifelong learning of residents throughout Adams County.

Click here to access the Honor/Memorial Book Form.

Cash will be accepted for the purpose of purchasing materials in honor or memory of a person, persons or organizations.  A plate will be placed in each book with the wording approved by the donor.  The Library will take into consideration the subject and wants of the donor as well as the collection development policy of the Library.

Charitable Bequests

A charitable bequest is simply a distribution from your estate to a charitable organization through your last will and testament. There are different types of bequests and they can be made in the form of cash or property, or a percentage of the remainder of an estate.  We encourage you to work with an expert to create a charitable bequest. If you would like to let us know of your intent, please contact Dawn Smith, Development Officer, at or 717.334.0163. Thank you! Together, we can create a vibrant space for lifelong learning!

Now Open: The New Adams County Library at Carroll Valley!

The Adams County Library System (ACLS) Board of Trustees is excited to invite you to the new location of the Fairfield Library. The new Carroll Valley Borough Building will also house government offices, police operations, a community center, and outdoor amenities including a stage.

Features of the new space include:

•          Improved accessibility & visibility

•          Additional computers available for public use

•          Expanded story times & book clubs

•          STE(A)M programs

•          Seminars on topics of community interest

•          Technology training

•          Support for small and home-based businesses

A donation of any size will help us expand important educational programs and services in this new, vibrant space. Will you partner with us?

Suggested donations:

Partners ($100)

Champions ($500)

Nuts & Bolts Crew ($1,000, for ongoing maintenance)

Program Providers ($1,000)

Technology Providers ($5,000)

Each dollar given will help the residents of southwestern Adams County. Thank you for your consideration!

Naming Opportunities Are Available

The ACLS is interested in showcasing donors because their investment is instrumental. Naming Opportunities are available:

SOLD - Park View Children’s Area ($10,000)

SOLD - Creekside Learning Commons ($10,000)

Circulation Desk and Staff Area ($10,000)

The Library ($100,000)

Thank you for helping us to provide life-long learning opportunities for the residents of southwestern Adams County! We hope you can join us at our Grand Opening celebration on Tuesday, May 30th from 6:30p - 8:30p!

Gifts To The Library

Books and other materials normally used by libraries may be accepted by the Director as a gift with the explicit understanding that she/he may or may not add all or part of them to the collection. The Library shall not undertake the responsibility of placing a value on any gift presented to it. It will, however if requested, provide the donor with a written description of the gift. In the case of books, that would be a count of books divided by hardback and paperback.

The Library welcomes gifts of money, securities, or property such as art objects, portraits, antiques, and other museum objects if they are readily useable for library purposes or can be made so at little cost and written permission is granted by the donor or his agent to convert them to money.

The Adams County Library System is a nonprofit 501c(3) organization. Thus, all contributions are tax deductible; all gifts will be acknowledged by letter. Because of the complexity of tax codes and other laws, persons considering bequests or endowments to the Library are urged to consult with their financial and legal counsels.