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Download Books

Looking for a book to read on your Nook, iPad, computer or smartphone? Visit the Cloud Library to download an app and get started. 


Device App Details

You can download an app from the Cloud Library, or follow these links for more how-to details.

  • Mobile apps. iOS and Android apps will let you browse the collection, download, and read Cloud Library eBooks right on your mobile device.
  • PC App. The PC app will let you browse the collection, download, and read 3M Cloud Library eBooks on a computer running Windows 7, Vista, or XP, with the option to transfer books to your eBook reader.
  • Mac App. The Mac app is now available!
  • Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD App. These are the only two Kindles that are currently compatable with the Cloud Library.


Supported Devices

The Cloud Library is currently not compatible with any Kindle, except the Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD. If you own a Kindle, please let Amazon know that compatibility with the Cloud Library is important to you by visiting your Kindle’s customer service page and using the “contact us” link. 

You can also browse the catalog, check out books, place holds, and add items to the wish list using a web browser. To read the Cloud Library eBooks, however, will need one of the apps listed above.